Our ‘FoodPrint’ platform allows farmers to continuously use data, analytics and insight generation to not only optimize their production capability, but also ensure a rigorous layer of food safety & traceability is applied to all the crops they grow.

The platform is aligned to GlobalGAP standards and allows the farmers to maintain accurate, real time records which is used to provide a transparent FoodPrint to the consumers.

Our community of data driven precision agriculture farmers keeps growing as more farmers are adopting climate smart techniques anchored by data. The following are our key highlight farms:

Sultan Green Farm

This 6 acre farm located in Makueni County has been in production since 2019 and has successfully completed seasons of legumes, cereals, fresh fruits & vegetables.

Ndovu Farm: 

This 30 Acre farm located in Kibwezi has been in production since 2019 and has successfully fed multiple cities with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Coming soon: Our B2B market access platform will open up our full list of data driven farms which currently total productive land coverage of 126 acres. This is a good mix of predominantly small holder farmers. 

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

The direct alignment with the zero-hunger goal because we seek to improve the quality of farm(er) & food produced, guarantee food safety for the consumer and potentially disrupt the food chain. The direct result of this is food security and safety for all. This project promotes sustainable agricultural practices, small scale farmers, regenerative land use, technology and access to markets.

This will address goal targets to double the agricultural productivity and incomes of small scale food producers including through access to knowledge, markets and value addition. The project is also in line with targets to ensure sustainable food systems and implement resilient agricultural practices.  


Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

One of the key founding inspirations of Sultan Green, was the fact that our food systems have remained largely colonial, despite all the innovation, population growth, advancement & availability of relevant updated knowledge. Innovation & technology are key to creating resilient food systems that will sustainably serve the food safety and security agenda. 

This project is in line with Goal targets to support domestic technology development and value addition to commodities in developing countries.

Goal 13: Climate action 

In our journey to sustainable food production, we have been actively exposed to conventional agriculture vs climate smart agriculture and its impact on soil, the environment & the bottom line. As such, we are able to democratize this knowledge at scale by use of technology as we shall be able to get each farmer understand the impact of their specific individual practices. 

This project is in line with Goal targets to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity and improve education and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation and impact reduction.

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